• Professional Computer & IT Services for Homes and Businesses
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    Servicing Saint Streets, Lafayette, and All Surrounding Areas. After Hours Services Available.

  • Need Affordable Technical Support?

    Whether you've got a Mac or PC, with our years of experience, we will solve your problems!

    Did You Lose Important Data?

    Our data recovery experts can recover data from laptops, desktops, and servers running all types of operating systems.

    Something Wrong With Your Computer?

    Simply bring it to us and we’ll perform a free diagnostic and provide you with an exact quote to fix it.

  • Having issues with your Mac, Iphone, or Ipad? We work on all Apple products. Have a hardware issue? Need some training on how to use certain features? We're here to help.  

  • Need some assistance with your windows PC? We work on all versions of Microsoft Operating systems.  

  •  Let us recover your data today, we use a variety of tools, knowledge, and expertise, to make sure your data is recovered. We handle data recovery on all systems. 

  • As your computer or laptop gets older, repairs sometimes need to be done.  We can service your equipment and bring it back to life.

  • System running slow or performance issues? Viruses and malware can be a real headache for most users. We can clean your system and get it running back to normal.

  • Let us backup your systems for your home or business.  Data loss can be a nightmare.  Let us setup and maintain your backups.

  • Having network issues? Connectivity problems? Wifi issues? Maybe just need some ports open for camera systems? Let us resolve your network problems.

  • In this day and age security is crucial for your business. Call or email today for an appointment for solutions to locking down your network. 

  • With over 10 years experience we can pretty much diagnose any issues your home or business may be experiencing. We can cover a variety of options from system setup and configuration to consulting and setup of latest and greatest tools for your home and business. We look at every site in detail to recommend things the client may or may not know about to increase productivity in half the time.  We do a thorough inspection to make sure all systems are backing up, software is up to date, and will make sure all systems are running smooth and not infected with viruses or malware. We also check network performance and security.  With a vast array of clients from attorneys, restaurants, retail, we strive to stay ahead of the game. Tired of IT companies that show up days after scheduling? We take customer seriously and keep a strong line of communication in case appointments need to be moved up in time or rescheduled. We offer after hours services also. Call for more details. 

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